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Plugin Name: Smartphone Location Lookup
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Description: Show your readers exactly where you are!
Author: Rich Gubby
Version: 1.0
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This plugin takes advantage of new GPS capabilities inside of the browser on your mobile phone.

If you’ve added the Smartphone Location Lookup widget to your page and if you have an iPhone, or something new like an HTC Dream, every time you refresh your site on your phone, you’ll update a map in the sidebar telling your stalkers/readers where you are.


I don’t seem to have any map displaying on my site

Have you added in the widget to your sidebar? Add it from the Widgets page in your WordPress dashboard.

I’m not prompted every time I view my blog on my mobile to allow my location to be used!

This is what you want to happen. Click the allow button, and you’ll start letting people know where you are.

My Map doesn’t work

Have you signed up to either Bing maps or Google Maps to get an API key? If not, get one from either Google or Bing

My phone doesn’t update where I am

Not many phone currently have the GPS capabilities in the browser that you need to update the location. If it doesn’t update your latitude/longitude, you can update your location manually from the Widget, just expand the widget and amend your latitude/longitude.

The widget is tracking the wrong user!

You can change which user on your blog to track – just open the widget options and change the user option – then the next time that user logs in from the mobile phone, it’ll track where they are.

What if I’m using a mobile plugin?

This plugin is fully compatible with Wapple Architect Mobile Plugin for WordPress – install that to have a full mobile experience!

Which pushpins can I use for Bing Maps?

Take a look at Pushin Icon Styles – then select that from the dropdown option



  • Added first version
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3 Responses to “Smartphone Location Lookup”

  1. Si says:

    Tried your current location gizmo on my site and it says Im in the middle of the sea. Id love to have it working as Im off on Honeymoon next week and want the kids to be able to track us so to speak.

    VW Camper Blog :

  2. that’s incredible.

  3. nmrdxt says:

    Finally, a plugin that does this! thanks!

    If you could incorporate a ‘path’ feature (so it would draw a path with every new location) in future releases, it would be just what I dreamed of :)

    Either way, thanks for a great plugin!

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