Greatest Music Videos

What’s the greatest music video?

It’s a question that’s been answered a million times – but lets make that a million and one because I’ve got a top 5 to vote on!

This is not any official top 5. I’m pretty sure the MTV crew would have a coronary if they saw my list and I really can’t see if featuring on VH1 with Jimmy Carr hosting it. So without further ado and definitely in no particular order, here they are!

Ok Go – Here it Goes Again

No More Kings – Sweep the Leg

Michael Jackson – Thriller (kind of)

Alex Gaudino – Destination Unknown

MC Chris Fett – Star Wars Gangsta Rap (ok technically not a music video but who cares)

Greatest Music Video Ever

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Watch the videos, submit your vote and lets see who wins the Best RedYellow Music Video of 2009*.

* This is by no means affiliated with anyone and there won’t be any prizes. Unless I get a million visitors and even then it’s highly unlikely.

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